Session 7 Response to Prompts


1. Why is media selection important in eLearning?

Selecting media in e-learning is really important step because e-learning education relies on technologies as opposite to traditional education. Because such discussion board, Skype, podcast, and steaming media have different features respectively, instructor and instructional designer should choose appropriate media carefully after they analyze regarding what contents will be delivered, who is target audience, and what are preferences of learners and instructor. E-learning environment is different a lot with face-to-face education so that instructor and instructional designer have to deeply consider toward media selection for their e-learning course. I think that the most basic requisitions of educational environment are interaction between learner-instructor, learner-learner, and content delivery to learners. Therefore, I believe that the role of media in e-learning education is really powerful. According to Holden and Westfull (2009), “media selection ensures that a specific distributed instructional medium can support the attainment of the desired learning objectives.” (p.4) Thus, media selection is important in e-learning. Furthermore, Huddleston and Pike(2007) indicate that instructor and instructional designer should consider seven areas such as learning task, media attributes, grouping strategy, learning context, learner characteristic, instructional managements, and cost effectiveness when they select media for e-learning course.

2. Define “new media”?

I think that new media is not one way such as newspaper, magazine, and television but bilateral way so that all users can produce data and share information each other in the cyber world and new media is more user-centered. According to this week materials, new media has main features such as availability of bandwidth, increased production through greater availability of digital media and cheap storage space. For these positive features, nowadays, a lot of new media based on web2.0 have been developing so that many e-learning instructors use Edmodo, Youtube, WordPress, Wikipedia, and Flickr. Thus, learners can upload files freely, communicate with classmates, and search immense outsource data from Youtube, online library, etc.

3. Choose a “new media” and explain it’s strengths and weaknesses for supporting eLearning.

YouTube is one of new media which has used a lot in e-learning environment. There are several advantages by using Youtube in e-learning, first, instructor can bring and share contents easily by coping Youtube’s embed feature and pasting instructor’s HTML code. Thus, instructor can help students not only understand further and reinforce students’ learning by providing more various informative sources but also motivate from this audio-visual materials. Second, learners can watch Youtube with their mobile phone. By developing science and technology, most students have their own phones so that students can search information easily and watch Youtube video via mobile in anytime and everywhere. Third, sharing Youtube video with classmate could encourage learners’ participation. According to Karimi(2006), “Education using multimedia and other visual aids has always been a strengthening component of many subjects’ curriculum, and today’s educators are taking steps to incorporate the internet and media-based tools to improve participation and learning.” Disadvantages in e-learning are, first, YouTube does not have restriction on comments, therefore students could be easy to be exposed to bad language, violent threats, and pornographic materials. Thus, instructor should provide Youtube video after he or she checks regarding this weakness. Second, learners should wait at the beginning of video because of advertisement. It could hinder learners’ attention.

4. Explain the term “Mobile Learning” and discuss the importance of “Mobile Learning in the current eLearning environment and in future eLearning environments.

I think that mobile learning is to be occurred education in anywhere and anytime through technology tools. Sharples, Milrad, Arnedillo, and Vavoula(2009) define mobile learning as “the processes(both personal and public) of coming to know through exploration and conversation across multiple contexts among people and interactive technologies” (as cited in Hockly, p.80) Additionally, Jiugen, Ruonan, and Jianmin (2010) indicate that “mobile learning is a new learning technique using mobile network and tools, expanding digital learning channel, gaining educational services, educational information and educational resources anywhere at any time” The demand of mobile learning has increasing and some scholars state that mobile learning is extension of e-learning education. Mobile learning gives several benefits to students. According to Armatas et al, (2005), “1)Deliver multimedia materials designed specifically for mobile devices 2)deliver interactive task 3)Add value and incentive to attend and actively participate in lectures 4)Allow students to browse what is available in the online environment 5)Break communication bottlenecks by communicating directly with students encourage student to discover principles for themselves. 6)In order to transform learners from passive recipients of information to active constructors of knowledge. Within the mobile learning framework, the instructors give the students an environment in which to participate in the learning process, and the tools to work with that knowledge.” Therefore, mobile using in e-learning gives many advantages to students. And I believe that more people and a lot of institutes will use smart phone in education in future.

5. Explain the term “Virtual Classroom”. Describe how a “Virtual Classroom” can be used in eLearning.

Virtual classroom is more like face-to-face class setting. It can be used in e-learning environment by conducting collaboration and interaction between students-students, students-instructor, and students-content, and other factors through tools. For example, learners can collaborate one another by using discussion board,, and Skype for collaboration(group work). Moreover, Skype, E-mail, blog, discussion board, media, and lecture could be utilized in e-learning environment for interaction between students, student-instructor, and student-content so that learners could discuss each other and share their ideas with critical thinking. I think that e-learning education could not be conducted perfectly same as virtual classroom because e-learning education utilizes technologies. However, many scholars have researched in order to improve learners academic achievement in e-learning environment, therefore, we could expect to realize e-learning could surpass virtual classroom in future.


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4 thoughts on “Session 7 Response to Prompts

  1. Those set backs of Youtube make all the difference in the decision to use it or not. My district has Youtube blocked. We have tried other restricted alternatives that not only do not allow comments but is very restrictive on who sees the content. Students are protected but the interaction must come through other means.

    1. Hi Sam,
      Yes, I agree with you. The features like excessive advertisement and unrestricted comment of YouTube are big problem in education. And I also think that interaction has to be occurred. Thank you for reading my post:)

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