Session 6 Response to Prompts

1. Describe an “Absorb” type activity for one of the objectives in the course plan your team developed.

  •   Lectures
  •   Reading materials(articles)
  •   Outside sources(optional)

In absorb type activity, our “The History of Western Civilization to 1650” course will provide learners with above three activities. All lectures will be delivered with online materials such as online-textbook, notes, and power point simultaneously so that learners can memorize and organize knowledge easily. The main objectives of lectures is to understand fundamental knowledge regarding topics, meanwhile the goal of reading is not only to acquire deep knowledge about topics but also enhance readers’ comprehensions. According to Horton (2012), “reading may be a more active learning experience than some learning games, especially as the learner skims, peruses, reads, imagines, compares, re-reads, jots notes, makes bookmarks, and reflects. “(p.94) Furthermore, Faust and Glenzer (2000) mention that “the reading strategy helps students obtain meaning of their favorite readings sections and makes meaning with texts.” In addition, Millis and King (2001) conducted research and found that “rereading improved their comprehension and retention of ill-structured information.” Moreover, if students have curiosity or want to know, learners can search literature articles, internet resource, online library.

2. Describe a “Do” type activity for one of the objectives in the course plan your team developed.

  •   Write two papers

As a Do type activity, students have to submit two papers during the course. The objective of this activity is to fully understand concerning topics and express or explain with their own thinking and perspective by using critical thinking. Also, students’ learning ability  could be reinforced by the knowledge which is formed through absorb activity is connected with Do activity in real world. Additionally, learners could have self-confidence through this activity. Instructor will notice requirements(standards) for paper work; 1)utilize at least five citations from peer reviewed literature 2)APA style 3)appropriate English writing skill 4)5-6 pages. If learners upload their papers on Blackboard, instructor will read carefully students’ writing and then give feedback.

3. Describe a “Connect” type activity for one of the objectives in the course plan your team developed.

  •   Discussion participation

In this course, we will use discussion activity as a connect type activity. The primary goal of discussion is to broad learners’ view and deepen thoughts by discussing with classmates. Students have to make discussion threads at least five posts in a week on Blackboard. It will be graded not just number of reply but quality of response. And learners must use critical thinking in process of discussion. According to the Kanuka, Rourke, and Laflamme’s research (2007), they indicate five advantageous qualities in discussion activity 1)well structured 2)provide clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the students 3)provoke the students to explicitly confront others’ opinion. (p.269)week6-picture

 4. Choose one of the above activities and discuss the process you would use to create this presentation. For this task assume that you have no additional assistance other than the instructor who would be able to write content as you describe it and perform for a recording as needed.

I will choose Connect activity. First, instructor will create a discussion forum in order that learners can participate on Blackboard. Second, instructor will notice regarding discussion topic, due date, and requirements specifically. Lastly, all replies and posts are calculated and instructor will offer discussion rubric which includes cognitive(does students use critical thinking), social(participation) factors for grading.

5. Discuss how would your approach for the above task would be different if you were directing the development efforts of a team that included a graphic designer, a video editor and a web programmer along with all of the tools that such a team would typically use.

Instructional designer should discuss with graphic designer because this course includes online materials like PowerPoint. Graphic designer should design well-organized and have high quality of Power Point which is offered during lecture. Also, course should be designed interesting in order to attract learners’ motivation(interest). Additionally, I will discuss with web programmer regarding web design. Web programmer should design simple and clear navigation that learners can move from page to page easily. Video editor should consider quality of video.

6. The text presents test types and presents a list of common types of test questions. In light of these, describe a test that would be appropriate for the class your team planned in the previous session.

This course consists of pre-test, post-test, quiz, mid-term, and final examination. Quizzes will be 3-5 questions  which are multiple choice type and conducted in order to identify what students learn. For example, questions of pre-test are; 1.What is “Western Civilization”? 2. Who invented the Western Civilization course and why? Questions of post-test are; 1.Name and describe a key figure featured in this lecture 2.Name a key event featured in this lecture 3.What is a memorable take-away from this lecture? Mid-term and final exam will be used a short answer, multiple choice, and essay form. Learners’ outcome will be graded based on formative and summative test.


Faust, M. A., & Glenzer, N. (2000). I could read those parts over and over: Eighth graders rereading to enhance enjoyment and learning with literature. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 44(3), 234-239

Horton, William. E-Learning by Design (Second Edition). (2011) San Francisco: Pfeiffer.

Kanuka, H., Rourke, L., & Laflamme, E. (2007). The influence of instructional methods on the quality of online discussion. British Journal of Educational Technology, 38(2), 260-270

 Millis, K. K., & King, A. (2001). Rereading strategically: The influences of comprehension ability and a prior reading on the memory for expository text. Reading Psychology, 22(1), 41-65


4 thoughts on “Session 6 Response to Prompts

  1. I had a tough time deciding whether the two term papers would be considered “Do” type activities, but I agree with you. In chapter 3 of the Horton book, “Do” type activities are described as “activities that transform information into knowledge”

    1. Yes, but I believe that this instructional design process will be familiar with us someday via repeating practice and various experiences. Also, I definitely agree with Horton’s statement that “do activities transform information into knowledge” He emphasizes really important point in planning instructional design. Thank you for reading my post, Jenny!

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