Session 5 Response to Prompts

We created team name this week, that is, THMM which is acronym of Tsai, Hye su, Meng, Matthew. Thus, we designed instructional design by acting like THMM enterprise! It was really interesting because that name made me act like a part of company.

We made some expected questions by following 11 steps last week and develop a development plan for an online history class this week based on outcome of last week. Although I am learning instructional design in another class also, but it was a first time to make entire course outline and development plan just within a week, therefore it was slightly challengeable to me this week. However, through this process, I could learn what aspects we should deeply consider in order to design development plan and course outline. Instructional design and development is required an intensive effort.

Our team primarily utilized Skype, e-mail, and Trello for communication this week also. When we had a synchronous meeting with Dr.Newberry, I still remember that he asked us at the end of the course “do you think you understand how to design development plan or you got more confused?” I really wanted to say, “I am so confused” because I do not even know where should I start. After the meeting, our team leader emailed to us and we had a meeting in person at 9 p.m. in college of education on Tuesday. We discussed about how we will develop a course plan and how to assign roles individually. Our course plan is derived from “The History of Western Civilization up to 1950” which was provided by professor. And, finally, we decided to design online course outline by using a Trello because we could not gather at the same time for not only geological problem but also personal situation. All team members could actively revise course plan and development plan each other through Trello like, therefore we could check and revise our course plan whenever we had a time. After that, we divided individual roles:


After we decided our roles, we communicated via e-mail when we had questions or wanted to review from other group members. Also, when we could not make meeting all together, we met on the Skype at each others’ convenient time. Interestingly, we designed on our Trello. This is our Trello URL. blog(trello)

There are a lot of aspects instructional designer should consider when he or she design instructional design. Whenever he or she takes one step at a time in instructional design process, instructional design should be deeply considered and decided based on a perspective of instructor, perspective of learners, learners’ and instructor’s needs, learners’ ability, pre-requisite, content, content delivery, and media from all angles. The toughest thing in this week was that I had to design learners’ preference, ability, needs imaginarily without any tests because the course that we designed is not real class. Second, since I am not an expert on history, it was kind of challengeable to decide in “identify your underlying goal, identify what to teach” steps. Through this process, I realized that in processing instructional design, instructional design must interact with subject matter expert and instructor cooperatively. Instructional designer should thorough communicate with them continually regarding their needs, preferences, contents, content delivery in order to make best instructional environment where can be delivered effective and optimal instruction to learners.




One thought on “Session 5 Response to Prompts

  1. Projects like this are designed to stretch your understanding of the process of design, one of the things you identified as a challenge – not being an expert in history – was intentional! This forces you to work the process rather than relying on your own knowledge.

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