Session 3 Response to Prompts

A. Place an X in the cells to indicate which activities correspond to which interactions. 


 B. Discuss of the types of interactions that are most often used in the content area for which you expect to design instruction. Be sure to explain the content area, the types of students and types of objectives with which you will be working.

 It is more hard to interact between instructor-learner, learner-learner, and learner-content in the e-learning class than face-to-face class because, according to this week material, the more the e-learning class instructor tries to satisfy all face-to-face interactions perfectly, the more technology skills are required. It makes students confused. The instructor should identify learners’ preferences, prior background, and experience through a quick survey and an interview before the class begins in order to decide the interaction medium and others. I am interested in English class for ESL students. ESL student is a learner who learns English as a second language so this class would be divided into three subgroups; beginner, intermediate, advanced level class.

 To decide the interaction medium for instructor-learner, the instructor should identify the instructor and students’ preferences. For example, the interaction could be conducted by chat or email which is indirect if the instructor feels burdensome having a close relationship with students. There are several media for interaction between instructor and learner such as chat, Skype, and email. This course will be designed that the instructor and learners can communicate during the lesson through a chat, and also email each other after class. These interaction could attract learners’ interests and have opportunity to correct the wrong information.

 Learner-content interaction could be conducted by several media such as presentation, reading, storytelling, and field trip. For beginner and intermediate level classes, the presentation and storytelling would be appropriate medium because the presentation transmits clear information with a logical procedure and this form of storytelling helps students understand and memorize information easily. In advanced level class, reading medium would be used because advanced level students are able to fully understand materials because they already take pre-requisite courses in order to take advanced level. It is also possible that learners could find in-depth information by searching online sources in a library and be inspired by themselves through this process.

 Learner-learner interaction could be conducted by various ways such as discussion board, chat, blog, email, and Skype. In this English class which I would design, learners could use the discussion board which can share each others’ different perspectives by reading posts. Also, this class offers group work because I think that learners could acquire responsibility, understanding ability, leadership, cooperation skill through this kind of work. Skype, email, google.doc would be used for this group work.

 C. Chapters 2, 3 and 4 of the Horton text discuss three categories of activities: Absorb, Do, and Connect. After reading these chapters you are to locate one or more online classes and identify one Absorb, one Do and one Connect activity. Present your findings using this format:

 URL :


 Course Content

  • Chapters in English 103 class is consist of interpreting literature, prose, dramatic literature, literary terms, and basics of writing essays. And, specifically, this first course is about analyzing and interpreting English literature and offers some strategies and useful tips to help learners interpret literature easier. The purpose of this class are; how to infer meaning, how using context can find meaning, how to use visualization, how to understand tone and mood, types of reading strategies, how structure affects meaning. Transcript and quiz materials which can develop learners’ understanding are given after the presentation.

 Intended Students, probable Student Characteristics & Instructor Characteristics

  • The intended student is learners who want to improve their skills in analyzing and interpreting English literature and also who prepare CLEP examination. Probably, learners for this class should be in high level in English and have a self-motivation and self-regulation. The instructor delivers clear pronunciation and detailed explanation by repeating an explanation about similar solving problem pattern several times. The instructor has to have high English level and at least master’s degree in writing and literature.

 Identify the Type of Activity

  • The presentation is used as an absorb activity in this course, to be accurate, animated graphic. The instructor explains about how to infer vocabulary which they do not know by highlighting words. And in do activity, learners have opportunities to apply to what they learn so far through some quizzes; practice activity. Practice activities are divided into three activities such as drill-and-practice activities, hands-on activities, and guided-analysis activities. And in this class, drill-and-practice activity is used. Through this activity, students are exposed to the inferring procedure by repeating similar patterns. And I could not find connect activity in this course.

 Identify and Discuss the Interactions in the Activity

  • There are nothing to discuss with learners or interact with instructor. I think it would be better to offer the instructor’s email address or discussion board.



 Course Content

  • This content shows learners how to use the powerful tools “Excel 2013” for organizing, visualizing , and calculating their data. This tutorial offers really useful information about excel 2013 and all instruction is for free. This course instructs how to download a Excel2013 first, and then cell basic, modifying columns, rows, and cell, Simple formulas, sorting data, filtering data, and chart, etc… Also, it provides students with materials such as videos, references, and quizzes.

 Intended Students/Probable Student Characteristics

  • The target of this course is a learner who wants to learn Excel2013 or wants to go to companies which require Excel2013 ability. And learners are required a basic computer background in order to take this course. And the instructor has to have a high computer background and is well acquainted with Excel2013.

 Identify the Type of Activity

  • This course offers a reading material(manual) as an absorb activity. Through this activity, learners understand the process and each class includes presentations in order to help students understand further. This course provides student with challenge tasks which is guided-analysis as a do activity. Learners could follow the manual and solve the problem step-by-step. There is no connect activity.


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