Session 1 Response to Prompts

distancelearningSession task 1

1. Explain the relationship between distance learning and online learning.

Distance learning and online learning are closely connected each other. Distance learning was arisen since 19 century and has conducted by using the internet which includes many strengths in interaction and communication between learner-learner, instructor-learner, and learner-content by developing the technology. Distance learning provides people who cannot attend to schools with education which uses online learning tools.

2. Discuss the main difference between distance learning and online learning.

Distance learning has started since 1700s for students who cannot attend school. And at that time, the correspondence primarily was utilized between instructor and learner. Distance learning started using the internet from 1980. And people are commonly easy to consider that distance learning is the same with an online learning because distance learning is processed via the internet nowadays. They definitely have similarities, however, these two kinds of educations are different. That is, distance learning is to instruct people who cannot be educated at schools due to geological reason via various medium. Online learning is the one of methods which can educate via the internet regardless of time and location. Distance learning is processed with not web but various learning materials such as internet, book, CD, and, video. It can be said that distance education has adopted by online learning tools. Distance learning and online learning are different concept. Many people are educated by distance learning because online learning has several advantages such as overcoming limitation of time and location, facilitating vitalization of interaction, providing various instructional materials by using multimedia, and leading active attitude of learners.

3. List the three types of interaction proposed by Moore (1989) and explain each type of interaction in your own words.

①Learner-content interaction : communication between learner and contents such as teaching materials which can make learners understand further.

②Learner-instructor interaction : interaction(communication) between learner and instructor about their classes and questions. Instructor should plan the curriculum for their classes and try to encourage learners.

③Learner-learner interaction : interaction between learner and learner, which be able to learn each others’ perspectives and valuable thoughts.

4. Discuss some of the differences between the early days of online learning and today. Then make some predictions about the future of e learning. Please include at least one good article/website/citation for this item.

Online learning is the one of education methods. In 1980s, online learning started first to educate employees who lived far from company in order to reduce costs. CALCampus which is a distance learning organization provided the online curriculum first in 1994 and more and more colleges and universities started to make online programs. However, the quality of education was lower than present due to there was a limitation of technology in early days. However, a computer and an internet have been developed rapidly from mid of 1990’s to 2000s. Thus, it became possible that instructors could record voice or a video via the webcam, and between learner and learner, learner and instructor could communicate each other in real time on the web. All assignments could be submitted via the internet and online education became more efficient and accessible compared to the past. As a result, the demand of online learning has increasing. National Center for Education Statistics estimated the number of K-12 students enrolled in online distance learning programs increased by 65 percent from 2002 to 2005. Also, Bates(2013) argues that “I expect to see online learning increasingly appearing as strategic initiatives within institutional plans. A good example of such a strategic approach is the University of Western Sydney, which has developed a detailed strategy for hybrid learning which includes the issuing of iPads to all first year students. I know at least five universities in Canada that are currently in the process of developing strategic initiatives or plans for online, hybrid or flexible learning. I know there are many more institutions out there starting to move in this direction.” It means we could expect that there will be more potential possibilities to increase online education in future.

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6 thoughts on “Session 1 Response to Prompts

    1. I could learn differences between distance and online learning surely. And I think interaction among content, learners, and instructor is really important factor in all kind of education. Thank you!

  1. Reply by Mikko Li

    Hi Su,

    Very good post and a lot of useful ink reference, Thank you.
    I like the way you describe about what kind of learning progress after internet, web, online learning video.. etc fully developed at current stage. Because these new interaction tools make learner & instructor, learner & learner could have intimate interaction than early online learning stage.
    You also mentioned about “I know there are many more institutions out there starting to move in this direction. It means we could expect that there will be more potential possibilities to increase online education in future”. I agree with you that that online learning will be a trend, but I still think will more like limited into HIGH EDUCATION or special career training program (I think medical school students need to have physical training experience instead of take full online classes) , instead of for K-12. Because online learning need to have “independent learning ability, self-regulate behavior and mature character”, so I am wondering the K-12 students already
    Mature enough can independent take online class by themselves or still need parents accommodation to overlook their study behavior and progress.

    Tks/from Mikko

    1. Hi Mikko,
      Thank you for replying comment. It is true that online learning requires independent learning ability and self-regulation from learners, so parents’ intervention may be required while learners study through online class for k-12 students I think. And until nowadays, there surely exists limitation of online education system, but I think that is our task as learners instructional technology.

  2. Hello Mikko,
    I appreciate your comment on my blog. Regarding online education at the elementary level, yes, I do agree with you, users must have some mastery of the technology and be somewhat self-disciplined in order to succeed. We are, however, at my school district, being challenged to redesign or at least incorporate ways to use technology (in our case, ipads) into our instruction, from kinder to 12th grade. To me this is the beginning of a journey that might surprise us all. Children, starting, at the age of 4-5 are now being expose to such tool, academically, is not earlier in their homes, that rely on the internet for updates. These same apps. are providing teachers instant feedback on their student performance! Gathering data, used to take teachers hours and even days, is taking seconds now. As a teacher, I understand that online learning, as it is being used with adults may not work with small children. But I also know that with the appropriate design, online learning will also be a useful tool in the elementary grades.

    1. Hi, Jenny
      Thank you for replying comment. Yes, I also agree with you. It is true that young children are more exposed technologies nowadays than the past and if instructors were design appropriately, online learning also will be a useful tool.

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